Backlot Films has a history of passionate involvement in all areas of media production. We have moved amongst the great craftsmen of evolving media over the past 20 years, and enthusiastically embrace the exciting oppotunities of HD technology.

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Backlot Films delivers a complete production solution to shoot anywhere in the world.

We have the experience and the contacts to produce your job flawlessly. We supply a proven infrastructure, solid execution and a world class environment. We are ready to help with a "budget-challenged" regional spot, or to put together the many needs of an international package. Our strength rests on our award winning directors and on our many years spent producing TV commercials for blue chip clients and ad agencies. And our same efficiencies apply to every job, no matter what the size.

Whether you need a quick estimate or some friendly consultation, we are always easy to reach.

We are your creative solution. Backlot is a creative and efficient production company with very modern resources. HD shooting, Flash web work, Stills, Graphics and 3D finishing. From concept to completion, we provide you with extraordinary quality, at a much lower cost than you can expect anywhere else.

We are your budget solution. New technologies have made it possible for almost any company to create its message for broadcast and web, affordably and at a world-class quality level. We can unleash the power of modern HD and graphics to bring your message forward in terms you can afford. Ask us about our payment plan too!

We expand your corporate image. We can create a new investment, marketing or sales video for you, or upgrade your current one. Shot on brilliant HD to show you at your best, anywhere in the world. We've completed work across Canada, the U.S., Europe, Asia and Central America.

We take your web presence to the next level. We can improve your website, and add streaming video and graphics. Imagine an exciting tour of your facility complete with a 3D build of your future operations? Your presentation, and your corporate image, will be leading-edge.

We chronicle your company«s best moments. We are expert with Live Events, including meetings and AGM's, special events, conferences. Electronic Press and Publicity Kits. "Behind-the-Scenes" for Film and Television.

We can get your message out where it needs to go. We can help you make the best use of your media tools. Get fast results with the right media buys, and get your offering out in front of new customer bases and markets.

We can manage all your media for you. Our in-house data collaboration provides you with a safe, secure and easy to use platform for sharing work and files throughout a project and long afterward. And we will provide secure storage and updating, as well as DVD authoring and duplication as needed. We support you for all your short and long-term needs.

Video. Web. Print. Distribution. Contact us to discuss a solution to all your marketing needs, at a price you can afford. We are the best one-stop solution you will find in Canada.

Backlot Films is a "one-stop-solution" for Broadcast Production Services. The partners have produced documentary, factual, sports and reality television content for national and specialty broadcasters. With over one hundred hours of completed programming under our belt we can bring new efficiencies, experienced people and a modern creative acumen to any production.

Can't figure out how to make a budget work its best? We can give you solutions. We keep everything super-efficient, lean and high-end. Sports, lifestyle, reality. We have great experience in all genres.

Whether you need to shoot in your own town or anywhere else on the planet. One call to us and we'll take it from there. No more pain.